How to use Social media groups for more Soundcloud plays

News 03:01 January 2020:

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If you have studied soundcloud well, you probably know that it is possible to share your music on other social networks. If you don’t, this may be the reasons why you still get very few soundcloud plays on your tracks. Here is how it works. If you are on Face Book, search for music related groups and join them. Do the same on Google plus and soundcloud, and then start posting links to your tracks once you release them. Note however that for better results, try and narrow down to groups related to the specific music genre you make.

Facebook gives you an edge by letting your friends share your music links to other groups and friends they know of, whereas G+ is advantageous in that it is less crowded and has somewhat more tolerant people to what you post. Joining between 10 and 20 groups on each of the three social networks is a great way to help boost your soundcloud plays especially when starting out as a soundcloud user. Finally, it is okay to repost your music links on Facebook or G+ several times within the first weeks for better exposure.

Adverse effects of using automatic favorite services


Automatic favorite refer to a service that is used to increase a Twitter accounts auto retweets of anything they share, tweet to other users.  With the need to get popular in the digital marketing platform nowadays it’s a service that any company, a brand will be interested in using in the social marketing of its products and services.

With the increased auto tweets an account user will be made famous and popular arising curiosity among its followers and other competitors alike. This will lead to close attention being paid on their services and products. With that in mind, a company is assured of increased profits and being known in the market among its competitors with what sounds like a good initiative to be undertaken in promoting a business, and there are disadvantages associated with a company or user using the automatic favorites as stated below.


  1. The human touch vs. the robot

As much as the world is quickly evolving and turning digital, the human emotions are still there. The use of this service is like employing a robot to carry out the auto-retweeting service. As much as the tweets are from you, they will lack a personal, emotional touch that is found when a person decided to write the tweet and not the robot. People will feel comfortable if they can relate to a person posting the link, photo or content.


  1. The posting medium

When one engages the use of an automated service to do the posting and updating of your account, there is a way the posts will appear. There is always the mentioning of a third party application that is always outlined. This appearance of another party does not sit well with many people or social media users because it confirms that you are not the person posting or using that account. The trust of your followers will go down because as mentioned above your posts will lack the personal human touch which many people relate to. This will result in losing of some if not all of your clientele. So one has to be very careful


  1. The scheduled features

With the automatic feature, this service makes it easier to push content and information to the market. But one has to be careful that too much of anything will make the users get bored and will not seem genuine. Let’s face it who has the whole day to keep posting their business information every time on the social media platforms? Unless it’s a robot that again will inform the world that your posts and contents lack the personal touch. This will put people off and result in losing of business resulting in poor profits and not meeting the company’s targets. Be careful to limit your posts to many times a day and choose your content carefully, let it be the content that will hit your target market with a punch and leave a lasting impression.

With the disadvantages as mentioned earlier, one has too thick carefully before engaging an automatic favorite company to help in the marketing of its brand for after all no one wants to lose its clients and reputation in the eyes of the potential customers and competitors.