Likely Risks when you buy twitter likes

News 04:01 January 2020:

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Some say that buying twitter likes is all about morality, and it is true for a number of reasons. First, buying likes does not give you an overnight brand name. It does not add any sales to your business, and surely it does not make you a popular figure for long. People are today aware that people are buying twitter likes, and most of them don’t like the habit. So when you buy a couple of a hundred likes on a tweet criticizing a certain public figure for instance, you may get some attentions yes. But once people realize that your critics were baseless and that your likes aren’t genuine, your credibility goes away. Your reputation as a well-known marketer gets damaged, all for the $10s you spent on buying fake likes.

Since getting many likes on your tweets attract more followers, you are very much likely to lose them once they learn that all your likes aren’t genuine. And as much as most people think that other followers may never realize about their fake likes, people will realize as time moves on. So it is only good to buy twitter likes if you really need them and then start attracting them genuinely.